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Full PHP source code
We know you want flexibility. This is why InstantFormPro shipped with completely full PHP source code. You are allowed to modify it to suit your specific needs. Please check our license for more info.

Easy form manager
Form manager is the headquarters for all of your form building activities. Designed for high usability, so you can manage all of your forms in a simple, fun, non-confusing workspace.

Ultimate Spam Protection
Goodbye spam! InstantFormPro integrates the most secure and accessible CAPTCHA implementation from the reCAPTCHA project. CAPTCHA protects your forms against bots by generating distorted images or sound test which can only be read/hear by human.

Export data to Excel or CSV
Export your form submission data to an Excel file. This allows you to further analyze your data, create charts, reports or any other data processing.


Drag and drop interface
Carefully designed for ease of use, InstantFormPro interface let you design your form as easy as drag and drop. It saves you time.

Email integration
For every form submission, you will receive instant email notification containing complete form submission data. Multiple email addresses are supported. This allows you to respond quickly to your users.

MySQL database integration
All of your form submission data will be stored in MySQL database. No programming is needed; InstantFormPro has done all the hard work for you.

Integrated with your website theme
Each form generated by InstantFormPro has its own CSS file. You can customize the style of each form independently. IFP blends seamlessly into your site. Check our Form Themes Gallery

File upload
Upload any file, as many as you want. No more limitation. Your hosting is the only limitation. Images, docs, videos... (most server hosts allow uploads up to 2 MB without modifying php.ini file on server)

Custom thank you pages
Create your own thank you pages either by entering your own html code, or using our WYSIWIG editor.
Add Our Bonus Reports As Incentives!

Form validation
Rules are available for most form fields. Required, this rule will make sure that a user fills out a particular field. No Duplicates, this rule will verify that the data entered into this field is unique and has not been submitted previously.

Password protected form
If enabled, all users accessing the public form will then be required to type in the password to access the form. Your form is password protected.

What if all those who completed your surveys, could share your survey links with their friends. Our optional Tell-A-Friend form can drive fresh visitors to your forms.

Show/hide any field
Fields that is set to Admin Only will not be shown to users when the form is made public. This is useful to create a field which is private just for you.

Great tooltip
Don't let your users confused while filling out your form. Help them; put a nice tooltip with a descriptive guideline for each field. You don't want to get useless data right?

Limit one entry per IP address
Use this to prevent users from filling out your form more than once. This is done by comparing user's IP Address.

Customizable redirect/message after submission
After your users have successfully submitted an entry, you can redirect them to another website/URL of your choice, or just simply display your custom success message.

Excellent support
Yes technical support *is* a feature. We want you to enjoy total peace of mind knowing we provide the best technical support in the business.

Affiliate program integration(optional)
Your InstantFormPro affiliate link can be encoded on all your surveys, AND you can opt to display more of our products on your thank you pages.

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