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Here I suggest My Service "Web Design"


I know that it's very delicate moment from your personal life - your website, your hobby, your dreamland, your business... or your love!
Therefore I offer a simple and easy design on HTML platform and Flash movies.


If your project need PHP, Java Script and/or Ajax platforms I will work with other my colleagues.

My obligation is only the artistic arrangement and site-map structure of the site. Here I have very original and ingenious ideas for simple and easy orientation of visitors so that these visitors to have more patience for examining and reading of the site.

Psychology says that the visitors not reads text, they scan only a general view on one page with 300-400 words for 6-7 seconds only.

Therefore we must be very inventive so that the visitors to be very thankful for our efforts to be brief, entertaining and interesting... I think that I have a very big success for it. See my sites.

But maybe you are a customer with specific requirements and needs and you want personally to produce your own web design or site and you not have confidence to other people?
I have more offers for such requirements:


I have more offers for such specific requirements:

* Artistic Arrangement Program (online) (see this site)
* PHP Platform
* AJAX Platform
* JAVA Script Platform (my service)

According to
I will create only for you one unique personal original project.

Besides, you need

for your website?

Or I can create Host-Gator Account for you...

In General, you can use my experience by means of personal contact with me. I need your texts, photos and eventually audio or video materials.
After receiving your order after several days (according to info) I will show you my project and if you like this project, I will announce my price and . . .

"The ball is in your hands"!



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